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Fillings & Sealants

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Traditional dental fillings are made of silver amalgam, but newer versions are made with ceramic or plastic and are made to look like teeth. Fillings are created with a strong material so they can withstand the day to day activities of chewing and eating.

Depending on where you need the filling, how much of the tooth is left, the material used for the filling, and how many visits you want for the dentist to restore your tooth, will determine how long your filling will last and cost. Dr. Campbell can discuss the perfect option for you.

There are two different type of fillings that we do:

  • Direct fillings are when the doctor prepares the filling and places it into the tooth cavity in one appointment
  • Indirect fillings are done in more than one visit and are used when the tooth has been damaged to a point that it can’t hold a filling itself, but not damaged enough to deserve a crown. The dentist needs to make an impression of the tooth, send it to a dental lab to create the restoration, and then place it on the patient’s tooth.


Sometimes, our teeth have little nooks and crannies that our toothbrush just cannot reach. If you are someone who gets cavities because of these hard to reach spots, then sealants may be right for you.

Sealants are plastic resins that are bonded to parts of the tooth and harden in the deep crevices, making the surface smooth and brushable. Typically, sealants are placed on children’s permanent teeth, but an adult can get them as well. They normally last 3 to 5 years, so if you sealant falls off, make sure to book an appointment with Dr. Campbell.